Ventura County Superintendents Deliver Message for K-12 Education


On June 1st, 2012, our Ventura County Superintendents individually gave their take on steering the K-12 course away from the perceived dooms day hypothetically happening after the November 2012 election. Each Superintendent provided their own action that needs to happen now to change the perception of the outcome for K-12 schools.

Superintendents Trudy Arriaga (Ventura Unified), Jeffrey Chancer (Oxnard), Paul Chounet (Santa Paula Elementary), Gabe Soumakian (Oxnard Union), Jeff Baardstad (Conejo Valley Unified) and Teresa Williams  (Moorpark Unified) delivered a positive message of hope for K-12 education.

If you do not completely understand the primary purposes of these Superintendents, the actual truth might surprise you. These business leaders are put into place to distribute the funds they are provided by the traditional method of revenue raising in the most effective way. They have several roles, but one role they should not be doing is being a fund raiser. Does this surprise you? It really shouldn't.

These very wise and very experience leaders know that time and effort should be spent to make schools more attractive to the business community and world. Why would an organization give large amounts of money to K-12 education when there is no present ROI. The school structure must change. It can't come back to the way it was.

There are hundreds of YouTube video of young children (2-3 years old) mastering the iPad. It is unbelievable. So how does a plan that requires taking away iPads and giving them paper and pencils look attractive? It is very encouraging these Superintendents know this, understand this and are doing something about this. Never before has this many Superintendent come together to share their living vision of positive hope and implementation of technology that the rest of the world is already using.

All of this was made possible by Director Teresa Johnson, Terry Wieser and Tim Oglesbee of the Ventura Technology Development Center. Special thanks to SoCal Office Technology for lending out the PR talents of Peter Godinez (Xerox Ambassador).

Dooms day for our K-12 schools is not an option, at least not on our watch.

The release of this inspirational video will be released to the world after the private showing at the Ventura County Teachers Hall of Fame on June 23, 2012.

For more information on this project, contact Peter Godinez

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June 6, 2012